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Lokalisiertes Fett mit Lymphdrainage


  • 1 Stunde
  • 85 Euro
  • Danila Serra Ästhetische Kosmetik


The equipment Heccus Turbo is an innovative platform of combined therapies for body aesthetic treatments, with therapeutic modalities of high power ultrasound with flat transducer, Aussie Current, Polarized Current and High Volt Current. THE BIGGEST POWER ON THE MARKET 72 watts The Heccus Turbo features ultrasonic energy delivered in a three-dimensional form with the highest power on the market, with 72 Watts, and the largest effective radiation area of 24 cm². INDICATIONS Cellulite Localized fat Sagging skin Postoperative after plastic surgery Muscle flaccidity Lymphatic Drainage Body modeling Contraindications For therapeutic currents Pregnant women or intending to become pregnant; Cardiopathy; Implanted electronic device (eg, cardiac pacemaker, deep brain stimulation device, etc.); Hearing aids must be removed during the session. If subjected to electrical stimulation, hearing aids can be damaged and malfunction; Tumor in place; Decompensated hypertension and diabetes; Allergic reactions resulting from the use of electrostimulation; Infectious processes; Epilepsy. For therapeutic ultrasound Pregnant women or intending to become pregnant; Patients with bleeding diathesis or bleeding disorders; Not to be used for the relief of symptomatic local pain of no known etiology unless a pain syndrome is diagnosed; Neoplastic areas or over areas where the tumor has been removed; About the eyes; About bony epiphyses still growing; Patient with implanted electronic device; About areas previously treated with radiotherapy; About the gonads to prevent heating; About the cardiac area; About areas of thrombophlebitis, deep vein thrombosis, emboli, and severe atherosclerosis; About ischemic areas; Suspected infectious disease; Over the stellate ganglion, spinal cord, and over the skull; Areas of reduced sensitivity or circulation or over anesthetic areas.

Umbuchung & Kündigung

WICHTIG Sollten sich Deine Pläne ändern, kannst Du den Termin bis 24 Stunden vorher stornieren. Wir bitten Dich − falls notwendig − Deinen Termin frühstmöglich abzusagen. Für einen Termin, der weniger als 3 Stunden im Voraus abgesagt wird, werden 50% der Servicekosten berechnet. Terminstornierung zwischen 23 und 9 Uhr ist ausgeschlossen. Wir freuen uns auf Deinen Besuch


  • Gabrielenstraße 10, Munique, Alemanha


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