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Lily | Lily Satin Moisturizing Cream, 250g


MarkeO Boticario
Anzahl der Einheiten250 gramm
Zur Verwendung fürGanzer Körper
Skin TypeTrocken
Artikelvolumen8.8 Flüssigunzen
Spezifische Verwendungsmöglichkeiten für ProduktTrockenheit
Artikelgewicht8.8 Unzen

Lily Believes That A Woman's Place Is Wherever She Wants To Be.

The Lily Brand Reveals Fragrances That Value The Richness And Classic Tradition Of Perfumery, Extracting The Fragrance Of The Flower Of The Lily Through The Ancient Enfleurage Technique, An Artisanal Process That Faithfully Translates The Best Notes Of The Freshly Picked Lilies, Creating The Unique Fragrance Of Lily.

The Lily Satin Moisturizing Cream Has A Velvety Touch , With A Special And Denser Texture, And A Delicious Striking Scent That Lasts All Day. Feel The Delicious Fragrance Of The Lily With Shea Butter , A Natural Ingredient That Provides A Soft Touch While Deeply Hydrating The Skin.

The Main Ingredient Is Shea Butter, Which Contains A High Concentration Of Vitamins From The Vitamin E Family, Which Makes It A Great Antioxidant. This Special Ingredient Forms A Film On The Skin That Promotes Intense Hydration , Preventing Dry Skin Caused By The Sun Or The Cold.

Olfactory Family: Floral Bouquet

How To Use: Apply Lily Satin Moisturizing Cream All Over Your Body After Showering Or Whenever You Want.



O Boticario Lily Essence Cream Satin Body Moisturizer [Lily Creme Acetinado Hidr

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